Anne Plath

Specialty - Wellness | Website

Anne is a certified Core Alignment Wellness Specialist. Her interest in coaching was sparked in 2008 when she enrolled in the Centerpointe Research Institute‚Äôs Life Principals Integration Process program where she was introduced to Kate Michels and Core Alignment. Anne knew this was what she wanted to do going forward and in 2010 she entered into the Core Alignment Training program. Anne is also very interested in holistic health and coaching others to have the most excellent well-being ever. She has learned from the best teachers and continues to seek out information to help people with health challenges. Anne is very curious by nature and will gather information on any topic.  Contact Anne


I am very resourceful, and what attracts me to Core Alignment are the questions asked that help lead me to my truth. I have grown so much over the last two years and am very excited to help others find their truth. – Anne Plath