Bahia Yackzan

Specialty - Illuminating

Bahia has seen, heard and experienced Core Alignment being tried and tested by great skeptics, of which she was once one. Now, as a Core Alignment Specialist, she can be found speaking of manifestations of real life hopes and dreams through its principles, such as deepening gratitude that leads to opening doors that our hearts truly need or want to shine through. With a diverse background, Bahia has now sculpted her life to be available to coach others in her practice, Abundant Light Core Alignment, because she believes in it, and because her happiest days are when she lives in Core Alignment.  Contact Bahia  

I am happy to assist you in sharpening your own tools that serve you well, supporting you in ceasing that which no longer serves your life, and witnessing your moving into practices that benefit yourself as well as others. – Bahia Yackzan