Ela Burns

Specialty - Fitness

Ela is a Core Alignment Specialist, a personal trainer for the past 18 years and a mom of four amazing children. She began her personal growth journey in 1997, which became one of her greatest passions. Through countless and intense self-awareness programs and seminars, a desire developed within that lead Ela to her dream of helping others become aware of their own potential to live a life of significance and purpose. After discovering Centerpointe Research Institute‚Äôs Life Principles Integration Process program she was introduced to Kate Michels and Core Alignment. This introduction lead her to move forward in her journey as she entered into the Core Alignment Training program. Today Ela is changing lives by guiding others to become aware of the value of self, emotional and physical health, and the birthright to live a life of choice versus bondage. Her constant desire is to add value by motivating and encouraging others to open doors within that are screaming to be opened.  Contact Ela

It all starts with an attitude of gratitude and the awareness of powerful YOU. – Ela Burns