Jess Clifford

Specialty - Marketing | Website

Jess is a Core Alignment Specialist and founder of Jess Clifford Marketologies, the Core Alignment for Business People. He understands that if you are in business, or considering it, you may be wondering whether Core Alignment Coaching can really help you and yield results. If you’re like he was, coming from a real world where results count, you’re looking to change dysfunctional patterns, resolve what is holding you back and unleash the “super-you” inside in a way that truly works, honors who you are and will last for life. As a Core Alignment Specialist, Jess knows dream-building and is uniquely positioned to coach business people and entrepreneurs in Core Alignment principles. Drawing on the solid foundation of science, psychology and spiritual awareness, Jess supports business people in aligning with their core to win and experience unprecedented success in business and in life. He comes from the realm of Fortune 500 Corporate America and has run two successful businesses of his own. Contact Jess.

As a Core Alignment Coaching Specialist, marketing coach, author, professional speaker and experienced businessman, I am ready to support you. It’s your time. -Jess Clifford