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Awaken to the Future

You’ve just arrived at Core Alignment Coaching, one of the most advanced Life Coaching systems in the world.

Maybe you're frustrated about where you are at this stage of your life. Maybe you thought you would be farther along and your lack of progress is affecting your self-confidence. Maybe you’ve read all the books, attended the seminars and even had some Neuro Linguistic Programming training or Success Coaching, yet you’re still searching for that burst of momentum that will propel you into something spectacular.

Imagine what it would be like…

  • You wake up in the morning with a spring in your step, knowing that another exciting day lies ahead with new opportunities and new adventures.
  • You have replaced fear, doubt, regret and guilt with a personal success recipe of joy, optimism and curiosity.
  • You have moved from a state of worry to a state of wonder.

Kate Michels

Founder of Core Alignment Coaching

I based this amazing coaching model on the tried and true trinity of Science, Psychology and Spiritual Awareness.

Core Alignment Coaching goes way beyond garden variety ‘life coaching’ because it’s a value based, motivation-orientated, essence driven, intensely personal process, focused on YOUR individual purpose.

By successfully combining traditional counseling, mentoring, psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching I’ve arrived at the 5-step process that has resulted in everyday miracles for so many people. Thanks to Core Alignment Coaching, clients experience powerful and lasting results with everything from bi-polar disorder, social anxiety, eating disorders, sleep issues and the normal struggles of everyday living.

So simple, and so effective that it’s been included in best-selling books from self-help legends such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and other world renowned names.

Become a Core Alignment Specialist and Enter Into an Elite Group of Life Changers

Training as a Core Alignment Specialist prepares you to join one of the most advanced life coaching system in the world based on the tested, tried and true trinity of Science, Psychology and Spiritual Awareness.

Core Alignment Coaching is so effective, so powerful, that people all over the world are saying it’s a miracle maker.

So even if you think you’ve tried everything, try this. Align with what is real and true in the present, accept the stories of the past, and awaken to experience the future designed for you at your core. Then watch your own miracles happen.

With Core Alignment Coaching you…

✤ Become aware of the present

✤ Accept the past

✤ Awaken to the future

✤ Align with your core

Nicholas Coolridge @moderntarzan

Nicholas Coolridge | @moderntarzan

"Kate is the best coach I have ever worked with, she sees things I don’t and we both laugh. Real change comes with each session. Before working with Kate I was stumbling around life with a flashlight. Now I am living life in more brilliant light."


"Kate, thanks for the superb session today--they're all superb but this one is another in a long line recently that have really been getting to the core of a kid that was completely lost to himself by age 17. Its shocking to realize how low my self esteem was and how much I've shrouded myself in protective layers of beliefs, thoughts and feelings. As each successive layer peels off I find myself in a constant state of imbalance. But its a positive flux.I felt tired today-but it was a good tired. I'm getting tired of the "old things" so to speak."


"Recently I used Core Alignment techniques to deal with two difficult situations. When I was able to remove myself from the situation and look at it from a distance without emotions clouding my judgements about anything, I was able to see the whole picture, their's as well as mine. This helped me to diffuse and calm the situation in my mind so that I could deal with it with the least amount of resistance. Wow, this stuff really works, thank you Kate."


"Kathryn's coaching shifted my life dramatically following my husband's serious accident. Her presence, her deep wisdom and her understanding of difficult life events made such a huge difference. She helped me release unnecessary "suffering" and embrace the situation from a place of confidence, power and gratitude. I think of those timely sessions often - Thank You Kathryn!"

Marcy Nelson-Garrison

"Everything went well Saturday night. It was such a rush - the preparation, the focus, the applause, everything. The crowd went wild. I did my solo and they started applauding. I'm very happy with how I did, and now I want more, much more. I want to take the next step."


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