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I have been mostly in eastern Europe so wi fi access has been scarce. The session with you was very powerful. I have felt very empowered and not destructive. I have been parenting my opposing forces and they have worked in a positive way which has allowed me to take risks that have became wonderful adventures. At times I fall back into depressive/guilt thoughts but realize now I don't have to live that way, that I have the power to create what I want.


Coaching with Kate Michels has changed my entire life! In the past few years I have gotten married, purchased a home, and I'm now in the process of starting my own business. Even though I am doing so much more on a day to day basis, the stress I used to feel has been replaced by a sense of joy. I Would recommend Kate's coaching to anyone who is looking to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


I feel totally different since our conversation this week.  I feel like a huge burden has been lifted, I have super high energy, I feel solid in my work place, I feel optimistic and appealing, I am radiating joy, I am full of gratitude...  I don’t know what to do with this joy… since I worked through the issues of respect…I sure am enjoying it.


I want to thank you for your persistence in working with me.  I know I will feel better and better about this path that I am on.  You are a perfect adviser for me.


As usual I have experienced more thoughts and connections to feelings.  Some things have happened, some insights have become clearer.  All are things for us to explore and discuss tomorrow.


Kate is the best coach I have ever worked with, she sees things I don’t and we both laugh. Real change comes with each session. Before working with Kate I was stumbling around life with a flashlight. Now I am living life in more brilliant light.


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