Nourish your Inner Light! A Core Alignment Winter Solstice through Spring Equinox Plan is Available

Bahia in CanoeHere in the Northeast of the US, as well as in other parts of the world, the upcoming seasons can be seriously challenging. Keeping the Light within us lit for daily functions and emotional soundness – and for joy – requires staying connected with other human beings. It is far too easy to isolate anywhere, anytime of year, but in the winter we need to plan isolation busters. Core Alignment Coaching is much more than an isolation buster; Core Alignment Coaching cuts to the heart of many a matter anytime of the year. It makes space for you to create an immediate shift or a slower-paced way to regain and stand in your truth, to burn through clutter, and stand behind and shine your own light on what is really important to you. By answering Core Alignment Coaching questions, you begin to hear your voice clearly and become more and more conscious and competent at knowing your core vision and core values and how to align them.

Don’t wait! Winter Solstice through Spring Equinox spans from late December to late March, but I recommend registering at least a month in advance through November 20th and planning your first coaching session in early December. You can start coaching anytime before the Session begins.

We will plan a schedule that best suits you. Minimally, two to four calls a month for four months would keep you engaged in the process of honing in on what’s really important to you to do/create/line-up things in your life and learn how to effectively ask for what’s in alignment for you. Core Alignment Coaching works from a place of acceptance and non-judgment, cultivating your own guidance with my support. I will help you stay accountable with both the humor and the seriousness you deserve. Everyone deserves a warm way to Expand Inner Light, especially when it’s cold out there! Start Now!

Core Alignment Coaching is available year round. You can reinforce and Sunflowersdeepen the new pathways that will open for you by starting earlier and continuing longer, as you wish. Contact me to make arrangements that work for you at

CAC is most effective over the phone individually, but I offer occasional small group CAC Retreats for synergistic themes or opportunities.  They are currently based in Maine but I can tailor retreats for other locations.

Maine based Abundant Light Core Alignment Coaching Retreats for Emerging Artists and Healers, Communication Transformers, Energizing Parents, and for others taking charge of their lives now.

Upcoming Maine based Abundant Light Core Alignment Coaching Retreats for local Emerging Artists and Healers every other Sunday.

START DATE: October 18th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Blue Hill, with ocean views.

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