Core Alignment Coaching has brought so many tools to my life, and along with the use of essential oils, has helped me to get through life’s challenges. I don’t know if there is any greater Anne with Familychallenge than when someone close to you dies. My Mom passed away in 2008 and last fall my Dad also passed away, so having both parents leave me was, and still is, strange.

Because this summer was the soonest that my family could get together, I traveled from my home in Hawaii to return to my former home in New Jersey for closure. Not only did I have plans to see my family and commemorate my father’s life with them, I also needed to deal with some of my belongings that had been left behind in a storage unit.

The thought of everything I would be dealing with was frightening somehow and so many emotions came up. “How will I feel when I am actually there?” I couldn’t Anne Plath on the beach at sunsetseem to make plans as to who I needed to see when I arrived. So I got on the plane without a
plan other than I was going to spend time with my family. As for any other unfinished business …

And then I arrived in New Jersey and as each day came, I was guided by my higher self as to who to call and where to go. Sometimes information is blocked till the very moment you need it. The visit turned out to be a great success.

Dealing with overcoming fear and negative thoughts using Core Alignment Coaching and using Raindrops Kauai oils to uplift my emotions to higher vibration, I was able to have closure on the past and return home to Hawaii feeling so much completeness and peace.

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