Nick Vujicic QuoteNot too long ago the teens in our forum expressed feelings about peer pressure and fitting in. There’s no way that’s ever going to go away completely in high school or even middle school, but here’s a guy who might give you something to think about in case you also feel as though you don’t fit anywhere.

Nick Vujicic is a preacher and father with a beautiful wife – he was also born without any limbs. Imagine what sort of courage it took, and what sort of support he must have needed from his family and friends, to achieve all of that without any arms and legs? As a young person, he even contemplated suicide, but got to the other side of his depression in time.

What can you achieve with what you’ve been given in life? What can you overcome? What about doing it in spite of the obstacles that life has put into your pathway?

Watch this video for answers about how and where Nick found his strength. Don’t worry, Nick is funny and confident in a way that makes you forget his differences and gets you feeling stronger about yourself, too.

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