Bahia Yackzan

Specialty - Equity & Inclusion, Emerging Leaders & Artists

Bahia specializes in equity, inclusion, and communication for groups and organizations, as well as coaching emerging leaders, artists and individuals ready to experience the power of choice that Core Alignment illuminates. She has over 20 years of experience in designing, training, and facilitating transformative workshops and retreats. Each or her diversity classes is infused with awareness and skill building opportunities for growth through challenging and energizing activities drawn from different disciplines and points of view, and her coaching adds the strength of Neuro-Linguistic processes. NLP significantly supports clients in building new neuron pathways that align their true choices with their actions and their values in the directions they really want to go.

“I was introduced to Core Alignment Coaching when I participated in Bahia’s Ignite your Brilliance workshop that made time for creating art, as well as sharing it with the group and doing writing exercises…. We received regular coaching sessions to explore our creativity and move past any blocks we were having in the creative process. I did a lot of painting and writing and made a short video about the process as my final project, but I think the best outcome of these workshops for me was that I was finally able (after a lifetime of making art in some form or other) to call myself an artist! The coaching was a big part of this ‘coming out’ process for me and helped give me the confidence to share my art with others. This has been a life-changing experience for me and opened me up in all sort of ways I couldn’t have imagined. The power of the Bahia’s presence and her ability to hold a space of unconditional acceptance and confidence in her client’s unfolding are a big part of what makes her coaching so transformational. I would highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to find more clarity, confidence, and joy in their own life.” – Client, E.D.

Contact Bahia  about her Ignite Your Brilliance workshops to surface your unique creative drive and produce your work, and about her Healing Collective Grief classes to make inroads towards actualizing equity and inclusion.