Ela Burns

Specialty - Personal Freedom

Ela is an Emotional Wisdom Trainer and has been a Personal Fitness Trainer for the past 22 years. The last ten years of her career have been transformative as her practice expanded into the field of rehabilitation and fighting debilitating diseases. She discovered the link between physical and emotional wellbeing, which are inseparable. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, she draws from that same concept of inspiring others to seek freedom from the past, by focusing on freedom in the present moment, in order to move to desired freedom in the future. As she explores this concept, her desire to make a difference in the lives of others keeps expanding. Her quest is to help free the mind and body.

Ela began her personal growth exploration in order to become aware of her unconscious beliefs system from which she was recreating unwanted life circumstances. In her quest she explored countless, intense awareness programs. During this exploration, through Centerpointe Meditative Program, she discovered Core Alignment Coaching and Emotional Wisdom Training.

Ela now has a desire and passion to help others awaken to their potential to live a life of significance and purpose. She will help you make the same discoveries she did, so that you can give birth to your new life. Through the unique approach of Core Alignment Coaching, Ela uses Neuro Linguistic Programming, an immeasurably valuable tool, influencing your perspective on life based on what you want and choose to be true.

As an Emotional Wisdom Trainer, Ela is changing lives by guiding others to become aware of the value of emotional and physical health, and of a God-given birthright to live freely inspired by Love and Joy. Contact Ela

Freedom isn’t free, it is the ultimate privilege you received from your creator to express who you are as a unique, creative, spiritual being seeking to transform your dreams into reality. – Ela Burns