Kat Kohler Schwartz

Specialty - Emotional Alchemy | Website

As a Professional Core Alignment Mentor, I specialize in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Wisdom Training, proven methods to improve relationships, support confidence, improve marriages, provide post-divorce care, feel more empowered at work and socially, be independent, and be a free-thinking individual who will also be a light of inspiration to others.

My expertise lies in many categories such as domestic abuse, discrimination, military life, poverty, management, single parenting, personal chronic conditions, large family living, facilitating, parenting children with chronic illness, conflict resolution and more. My own self-discoveries allow me to guide and support people who have had the same experiences, and are seeking information to get passed the pain, anxiety or shame of abuse, neglect, self-doubt, confusion, depression, or conflict.

Core Alignment Mentoring has allowed me to help many clients realize and reclaim their own innate power.  I am here to tell you that love and peace can come from dark places, like planting a seed and watching it grow into something beautiful. Contact Kat.

It is my personal joy to guide people from a place of darkness, help them discover that they have a voice, can be heard, and can live a life of peace and harmony, while standing tall in their authenticity. – Kat Kohler Schwartz

Music That Inspires Me:

Stand In The Light – Jordan Smith

Stand in the Light touches me in a profound way that inspires and reminds me that the darkest of emotions can be transformed into a beacon of light within the soul that moves us outward to share our experiences and inspire each person who seeks to understand. -Kat Kohler Schwartz