Kate Michels

Founder of Core Alignment Coaching | Website

Kate is the founder and CEO of Core Alignment Coaching. She is a bestselling author and motivational speaker, an internationally recognized coach of coaches with clients in thirteen countries and counting, and is the Answer Woman for the Life Principles Integration Process program with Centerpointe Research Institute. As a Professional Certified Life Coach, Core Alignment Specialist, she is an expert at assisting others to live aligned in truth. Using the parameters of traditional counseling, mentoring, and psychology, Kate has applied Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching to simplify Core Alignment into five steps of success for manifesting miracles every day. Her steps are included in bestselling books with many of the experts recognized today in the self-help movement, such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield. As a Transformational Trainer and Solution Focused Coach her clients have experienced lasting resolutions with everything from bi-polar disorder, social anxiety, eating disorders, and sleep issues, to the normal struggles of everyday living. Contact Kate  

I coach people to be in alignment with what is real, true and driving them to make miracles happen in their daily lives as CEO’s, coaches, students and complex human beings. -Kate Michels

Music That Inspires Me:

Brave – Sara Bareilles

I know what Sara knows. You can be amazing…you can start speaking…sometimes a shadow wins…I wonder what will happen when you let the words fall out…I just want to see you be brave… – Kate Michels