Yvonne Bramble, MBA, MCC, NLP

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Yvonne Bramble is a Core Alignment Coaching Specialist and is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience in business project management. As a Business Coach for career driven professionals, Yvonne Bramble founded Cornerstone Leadership Mastery, a personal and professional development company, to specialize in empowering business professionals at any stage of their careers to achieve their greatest potential.  Her goal is to support you to get clear about your vision, create a roadmap for success, tap into your greatest source of power, and experience progressive transformation in your life both professionally and personally. Her Cornerstone Leadership Mastery clients are drawn to work with Yvonne because of her passion and expertise. She will walk along with you in your journey to release any roadblocks to your path to success, help you build the  confidence you need so you can become the best version of yourself. You will feel more empowered in your life and become the designer of your career and personal life, living in the joy and abundance you deserve.

Yvonne Bramble holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and more than 15 years as Project Manager managing multi-million dollar projects for enterprise organizations.  Leading projects for top Fortune 500 Companies, including Proctor & Gamble, IBM, and Microsoft, she is no stranger to handling the high stress of hectic deadlines or tackling the daily demands in the business environment. Yvonne was inspired to create Cornerstone Leadership Mastery out of her time spent mentoring and coaching colleagues, as well as teaching and lecturing students as a university instructor.

As a Core Alignment Mentor, she draws from the tools and techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Wisdom Training. Through her coaching and training programs, Yvonne trains clients in mastering the critical skills to approach projects with less conflict and more creativity. Not only do her clients learn to successfully lead teams and add more value to their organizations, but also to experience a more fulfilling life overall. Clients who utilize Yvonne’s coaching and mentoring service, as well as take her Leadership On-Demand Program, walk away with a greater sense of empowerment and a fresh new perspective on leadership and project management. They experience a change of mindset that propels them to face each day ready to have fun and make a real impact. Yvonne’s Cornerstone Leadership Mastery clients also gain a new sense of confidence in themselves and desire to take real action in their personal and professional lives. Cornerstone Leadership Mastery empowers professionals in their journey to find balance and authenticity in their work and life through coaching and on-demand courses. Contact Yvonne.

Our thoughts create our world. So, believe in your power and dream big. – Yvonne Bramble

Music That Inspires Me:

Happy – Pharrell Williams

The song Happy inspires me because I choose to be happy and live a life full of joy. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy on the inside no matter what is happening around you. -Yvonne Bramble