Emotional_Wisdom_Training_Logo2If you’ve coached in the past and are interested in being coached through the Core Alignment process yourself, or would like to introduce the process to new people, please read the following story and special ten-session offer:

Years ago a woman named Linda asked Kate Michels what she did for a living, and Kate told her about Core Alignment. “I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I needed it,” said Linda. She asked Kate for her phone number.
“When I returned home, I went to look for the number, and it took me weeks to find it,” said Linda. “I needed a miracle, and the Universe sent me Kate.”
A number of traumatic events in Linda’s life caused her to suffer panic attacks and to withdraw from the world. After working with Core Alignment, Linda reported, “Now my panic attacks have greatly reduced, and I am a person with a purpose.”


photo by Leah Swales

Core Alignment Summer Intensive starting soon!

Come learn what is possible when you intentionally know what you want, ask for it, show up, keep your word, have a natural attitude of gratitude and have neuro linguistic programming to support you. Gain clarity, live intentionally, be supported as you create balanced neuron patterns and uncover the core of who you are. Work with a Core Alignment Coach and experience the difference at a core level.

Special offer $350 for 10 sessions. Scholarships available. Send this to your friends, family and business associates. No one is turned away. Align with us and experience the difference Emotional Wisdom Training really makes.

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