What is something positive that you made yourself do, even when it was the last thing you wanted to do? Examine that whole scenario from beginning to end and how it all played out. How would rate your energy level? How many excuses did you verbalize? Did you care, or not care?

Does any of that sound familiar? What else were you struggling with before you did it?

I work with many women who are sick and tired of repeating destructive patterns that are no longer serving them. What I’ve noticed is that these women who are sick and tired want to break the chains, allowing them to step into a life with stability and freedom.

A woman breaks her chains that transform into birds

I recall experiencing that “sick and tired” feeling myself where I had not one ounce of energy left to move an inch. I formulated every excuse I could possibly think of, and yes, there were many times that I just didn’t care.

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine, unexpectedly. I texted her later to express how elated I was to see her. Her response was, “It took everything to go,” and in response I replied, “The beauty is, you did.”

What chains might you need to break? As you visualize those chains breaking, and you are able to step into a life with stability and freedom, what do you notice?

Let’s compare and contrast the two lists below:

Destructive Patterns                                        vs.                Breaking the Chains

Sick and Tired                                                                     Motivation

Reactions                                                                           Responses

Lack of Boundaries                                                              Healthy Boundaries

Falling into the hole in the sidewalk, AGAIN                          Find a NEW sidewalk

Blind Spots                                                                         Recognition


Which list supports you more?

Each one of us has the ability to let our hearts rise to a level where destructive chains break, stepping into a life with stability and freedom. Let me support you in recognizing,
“The beauty is, you did.”