Shift Network Presents: Transforming Stress & Disease Through Qigong 

Healing Through Qigong AD

A remarkable number of popular and effective
modern holistic modalities are based on Qigong, a
set of ancient practices developed in China.  Qigong literally means “Life Energy Cultivation.”

If you’re intrigued and want to know more, I’m
excited to invite you to this online event on
Wednesday, August 26, featuring Qigong master,
teacher and healer Mingtong Gu, called:Transforming Stress & Disease Through
Qigong: How to Release Old Blockages & Heal Your Body, Mind & Emotions.

Reserve your space here.

During this illuminating and practical hour,
you’ll learn to:
    •    Circulate more Qi to weaker parts of the body?
    •    Use specific sounds to activate your organs?
    •    Engage with Qigong to transform and release emotions?

I invite you to join me and discover how to connect with the powerful energy (Qi) that supports and nourishes your body.

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